Kids Building blocks brand new 1000 pcs




1000 PIECES. Expertly crafted using durable plastic, these lego-compatible building bricks will provide both girls and boys with endless hours of creative fun.
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Featuring multiple shapes and colors, this set is ideal for maki a variety of items. From people and animals, to buildings and houses, there are endless possibilities for children to create and build.
TIGHT FIT. Compatible with other major brands, you can combine these building bricks with sets you already have. Build up your set to huge proportions so you can create a whole town, village, zoo and other large displays.
IDEAL GIFT IDEA. Perfect for boys and girls, these building bricks are ideal for any gift-giving occasion. Children ages 4 and up, as well as adults, can enjoy hours of play and creativity. While the little ones learn the basics, older kids can spark their imaginations and build whatever they dream up.
This 1000-Piece Building Bricks Set allows your little ones to build anything that they dream up. From small bricks to large ones, and featuring a beautiful range of colors, this set will inspire creativity in both boys and girls.