Insole Arch Gel Support Brand New




Retail: $89.90

2 pairs to let go
brand new and free size
Orthopedic insole, suitable for O-type shank, Luoquan legs, flat feet, foot valgus and so on.
Helps correct walking postures.
Made of GEL, safe and non-toxic.
Both men and women can use it.
It can be stuck on the footwear, so that it does not move from its place. Wear with socks, to keep them in place. Washable, Universal Size. Reusable.
Covered fabric eliminating odor and killing bacteria brought by warm and moist surroundings yielded by feet movement in the shoes

Anti-Microbial EVA Fabric: Reduces heat and friction while performing strenuous activity, keeping your feet healthier and more comfortable.
Perfect for all ages and both for men and women.